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  • The NEW Way To Brew Better

    Take loose leaf tea to the next level with our one of a kind, innovative Bruetta Tumbler. Our patent approved BruLid® delivers the full flavor of whole-leaf tea while filtering your tea through its removable filter built into the lid.

Filter Lid

Bruetta's BruLid® filters loose leaf tea as you sip, making brewing easy as scoop, steep, sip.

Full of Flavor

Tea leaves simply taste better when they're not crushed up in a bag or confined to a cage. We give flavor room to grow.


Less wasteful. More flavorful. No need for tea bags and unnecessary trinkets when you opt for our durable, reusable tea tumbler.

Hassle Free

Bruetta's BruLid® removable filter makes brewing and clean up a breeze. Scoop tea into tumbler. Add hot water (or make it iced). And enjoy!

The Better
Brewing Experience