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Loose Leaf Tea vs. Tea Bags

Loose Leaf Tea vs. Tea Bags

Whether you're a tea newbie or a seasoned sipper, you’ve probably encountered the loose leaf versus tea bag debate. At Bruetta, we're all about elevating your tea experience, and today, we're going to dive into the differences between loose leaf tea and those familiar tea bags you probably have in your pantry.


What's the Difference?

Most of us start our tea journey with tea bags – maybe you have a box of them that you only pull out when you feel a cold coming on or maybe you prefer tea over coffee in the mornings. They get the job done, and we’re not here to hate on tea bags – we support all tea drinkers here. But if you’re ready to take your tea drinking to the next level, loose leaf tea is almost always the superior choice when it comes to flavor, health benefits and overall drinking experience.


Tea Leaves vs. Tea Dust

Teabags are often made with tea "dust" – small, low-quality particles of the whole tea leaves that lose a lot of the flavor and benefits through processing. In contrast, loose leaf tea consists of whole tea leaves of superior quality, brewing into a more nuanced and flavorful cup.


The Flavor Extravaganza

Simply put, loose leaf tea takes the flavor crown. Loose leaf tea is harvested, processed and blended to preserve the quality and flavor of the tea revealing a more complex profile that adds a layer of depth that tea bags can't quite match. Tea bags are made from bits and pieces of those leaves so naturally you won’t get the same depth of flavor as you would from the full leaf.

Another thing to compare is the room tea leaves need to brew. Tea leaves need room to expand and release their flavors as they steep. Brewing loose leaf gives the leaves ample room to float freely and infuse the water fully while tea bags are tightly packed leaving little room for flavor expansion.


Health Benefits

You may have heard about the health benefits of certain teas, but in order to truly reap those benefits, loose leaf tea is the way to go. Loose leaf tea, with its higher quality, often offers these benefits at a higher, less diluted level than the tea from a tea bag. While tea bags still have some benefits, they usually pale in comparison to the potency of loose leaf.


Pros and Cons

Tea Type Pros and Cons

As you can see, the main argument for tea bags is the preparation time and methods. It’s a common belief that tea bags are more convenient, but with the right method loose leaf tea can be just as easy to brew, we’ll get more into that later.



Loose leaf tea is also the winner on the sustainability front. It doesn't involve extra materials like tea bags, strings, adhesive, or metal staples. And, guess what? Tea leaves are compostable, making your tea experience greener and cleaner.

Many tea bags also contain microplastics that are harmful for the environment, not to mention our bodies.


Prep Time

Loose leaf tea is often associated with a long brewing process, complicated brewing tools and a messy outcome. Why would you go through that when you can just pop a tea bag in your cup and call it a day?

Brewing loose leaf tea has come a long way. You can still get the quality, sustainability, and elevated drinking experience with the same convenience as a tea bag. At Bruetta, we prioritize high quality tea and efficiency and wrapped it all up into the Bruetta Tumbler. 

Our unique Tumbler has a filter built into the lid meaning you can scoop your loose leaf tea right in, add water, steep your tea and sip as it filters all in one device. No need for infusers, strainers or extra filters. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!


You've Got Nothing to Loose

Making the switch to loose leaf tea is what we call brewing better. The choice between loose leaf tea and tea bags is more than just a matter of taste and convenience. It's a whole experience that can brew wellness, flavor, and sustainability into your daily life, and there’s no reason to compromise anymore. Ready to brew better?